My Quotes

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the talents and the creativity.” - Davonte'

“If you don’t know my name, then you don’t know anything about me.” - Davonte'

"Good things always happens to bad people because, they're the ones that needs a head start in life." - Davonte'

“You can't cancel something nor someone if you've never subscribed to them to begin with.” - Davonte'

“It’s better to create something that is unknown, than to rename something that is already taken.” - Davonte'

“If it’s not what it is, then don’t call it what it’s not.” - Davonte'

‪“DON'T force good things onto people with bad taste.‬ If they don't want it, then just let them starve with an after taste of something bitterful.” ‪- Davonte' ‬

‪"They only care about you when you're gone.‬ ‪They only care about you when you're known.‬ ‪They miss you, but don't want to contact your phone.‬ ‪They love you, but leave you standing alone.‬" - Davonte'