Matilda And Dogs 1

Matilda And Dogs 1. 

My cat, Matilda playing with my granny's and aunt's dogs, Sugar and Angel. 

πŸ€— 🐈 πŸ• πŸŽ₯


Matilda And Dogs 1

Fake Love Day!!

It's almost time for "THAT DAY" again!! 

I call it, "Fake Love Day" because, that's what it is and it's mostly about demanding and buying gifts from/for somebody you don't even care about…. 

😏 β€οΈ πŸ–€β€¦

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Spotify #2021ArtistWrapped

Every year is different and I just gotta accept that stuff like this happens to great music and other talents. 

I release singles/EPs every year, but I'll just take my time and release whenever I feel like…

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The Boy On The Carousel Horse

I don't remember this photo shoot happening, but I do remember the story behind it….but anyway, I want to go to an amusement park just by looking at this….AS ALWAYS!! 
πŸ‘¦ 🎠 πŸ“Έ πŸ™Ž


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I Do What I Want!!

I do what I want because, it's mine. 
There's no need for me to entertain the jealousy line. 
And you're madness won't stop my shine. 
πŸ–Ό πŸ§‘ 🦍 πŸ“Έ 


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