Badbye To You!!

‪....When I see myself, I see your mental scars.‬ ‪

Why do I hurt myself by thinking of you?....   

Well, you're gone now and never existed in happiness, so badbye to you!! 

😖 👺 🚮 🤗

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Where Would You Go Right Now, If You Could?

If you could go anywhere right now, then where would it be?   
....Well, me....I would go to Hollywood because, that's where stars go and it's good for talent discoveries.

And I still don't care about the negative stuff…

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Let The Weird/Different Live Free

....That time when Kerli shared my drawing on her Facebook page.... 

This was a propaganda poster for my History class in the 11th grade.   
And I don't go by "weird" anymore because, people use that word for the wrong…

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Are Captions Really Needed?

I just want to know why captions are always needed when not needed....the content is enough on it's own already.   
Do you ever feel the same? 

🤷‍♂️ 😩 📸 🤔


Davonte' - Photos

Cute Child

I was the Native American/Asian looking one in the bunch....but I wish that I still looked like this because, it was me, and now....I don't even know what happened.   

Do you still look the same as you did…

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They DON'T Care!

"They only care about you when you're gone.‬ ‪

They only care about you when you're known.‬ ‪


They miss you, but don't want to contact your phone.‬ ‪

They love you, but leave you…

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The Bigger Star

There's the stars, the crescent moons, and of course, me....THE BIGGER STAR blocking the full moon out with my shining starlight.   
😁 🌃 🌑 ⭐️


Davonte' - Photos